We, the Fox Ranch team in Clifton, Texas, have put together a very simple but hopefully informative page to give those interested in US goods a little insight into our export services.

Since we are not a "store" in the usual sense and work contractually independently, we generally can get any goods requested by our customers as long as they are available and can legally be exported. Due to our individual service, we do NOT have our own catalog. We will be happy to get you goods from sellers on other websites who do not ship overseas due to European credit card rejections, or if they do, they may ship at a very high rate. We allow ourselves to charge a handling fee of 15% of the value of the goods plus sales tax if applicable and the shipping costs charged to send your goods to our location in Clifton, Texas. The same conditions also apply to auctions on E-Bay. At eBay auctions, we allow our customers to run the auctions themselves and have the goods delivered to us after arrangement. We also offer direct delivery for car or motorcycle parts after consultation with us. Here we will repack the goods, possibly with other goods you ordered from other seller, and send them in one shipment directly to your home. Smaller shipments to Europe are sent by UPS Worldwide, DHL or postal service, depending on prior arrangement.

We also don't shy away from shipping horses, pickup trucks, horse trailers, cars or car accessories. The processing fee for horse sales and from providers on third-party websites is 10% of the price with a minimum fee of $300.00 for horses sold under $3000.00. Please call us if you are interested in a vehicle. Over the last 30 years, most of our customers have been interested in Western equestrian goods, but also apparel such as jeans, boots, blouses and other show outfit as well as many other USA items. In the meantime, inquiries about other sports have also been added, such as motorcycling. We offer our service specifically for Harley Davidson drivers, who unfortunately have no longer been able to purchase directly from HD dealers in the USA since August 2011.

Here we have published a few links from various providers from whom we order items for you, but we do not limit ourselves to just these:

Some of these providers listed do not send abroad at all or only send at a very high price. Some sellers charge a “sales tax”. We will be happy to explain when this occurs. If you are looking for items or brands that are not listed on our website or one of these websites, please feel free to contact us. We try to find a provider. The goods priced on our own website include all handling fees as well as shipping costs to us in Clifton. For example, goods from Big D Products, Triple E mfg,  5 Star Equine Products, and our “in stock items” will not have a handling fee.

To place a binding order, we ask you to send us an email with the name of the provider, the exact description with order number and price of the desired item, your exact address and a valid telephone number for UPS transport.

Payment is generally made in advance, in Euro to our German account (conversion 5 Cent below the current stock exchange rate on the day of the invoice) or in US dollars via PAYPAL (plus 4.9% international PayPal fees) or via PAYPAL to friends, this way we will waive the Paypal fee.

For affordable financial processing of horses, vehicles or large orders, we offer our US account here in Clifton, Texas. All transfer costs must be assumed by the client.

Customs and import sales tax are based on the import regulations of the respective destination country and must be paid by the buyer when importing the goods.

If you are interested in our horse breeding business, please visit our USA page,

Fox Ranch Foundation Quarterhorse Breeding.

We would be pleased to add you to our circle of customers.

Your Fox Ranch team, Siegfried Schmid & Sandra Gastell.