The company Triple E offers a maximum of variety in horse halters.

It's not that easy to understand the complex offering at first, but the result is really extremely pretty CUSTOM MADE halters.

The quality of these halters is stable, but not rigid, a very high quality nylon is used here.

To make ordering easier, the most important points are listed here:

Nylon halter sizes: Pony, Yearling, Arabian, Horse, Large Horse - Draft Horse is possible, but only without an adjustable chin piece.

Color of buckles: Brass or Steel Grey.

Halter basic colors: Purple, Red, Royal, Navy, Teal, Hunter Green, Burgundy, Brown, Black, Orange, Yellow, Lime, Hot Pink, Lilac, Soft Pink, Turquoise, White, Grey, Tan.

Overlay colors: Solid color with or without name embroidery (here Triple E offers the same colors as the basic colors).

Overlay Southwest design: Allegany, Aztec, Cherokee, Mohave, Navajo, Seminole, Seneca, Tahoe, Tioga also over the crown piece.

Overlay with reflector strips: Brass colored buckles only.

Adjustable chin piece or side buckle or both: Here you can choose individually.

Monogram: On nose piece, right cheek piece, left cheek piece or on all three parts.

Monogramstyle: BLOCK, GOUDY BOLD oder HOBO.

Monogramcolors: Purple, Red, Royal, Navy, Teal, Hunter, Burgundy, Brown, Black, Orange, Yellow, Lime, Hot Pink, Lilac, Soft Pink, Turquoise, White, Grey, Tan

or Metallic: Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, Pink, Purple (clear color contrasts create a good effect).

Embroidered Design: Flames, Stars, Hearts, Multi Color Flowers, Butterflies, Flowers, Peace Sign (look pretty on the cheek pieces).

Diamond Dust Design: Ribbons, Hearts, Horseshoes, Peace Sign, Stars. These are small clear crystals.



Halter all sizes except Weanling without Overlay $25,00

Weanling $20,00

Nylon or Leather Overlay, Plain oder Southwest $10,00

Breakaway Leather Crown $5,00

Side Snap $5,00, Double Buckle $5,00, Adjustable Chin $5,00

Per Monogram $15,00, Designs like Stars, Hearts, Butterflies per side $10,00

Braided Nylon Leads 2-color 3/4" 8' $25,00, 2-color 1/2" 8' $20,00

9' Poly Leads in 27 colors $10,00, Short Monogram/Initials on Poly Leads $10,00

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